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Use the gap between work and home-time to do a 15 minutes transitional home-spa deluxe. Give your hands a bath, using a bit of Vata oil in the water. Sit for 10 minutes while taking time to breathe and digest your day. Then dry your hands in the towel and apply Vata hand cream to finish. Vata products are perfect to use in the afternoon and the evening before going to sleep as the scents can influence your senses and have a grounding effect.


- AYU Hand bath 
- Vata liquid soap 

- Vata body oil small 

- Vata hand cream small 

- Vata towel 50x100 

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Aloe Vera Extract: Nourishes and hydrates the skin.
Glycerine: A humectant that locks moisture in skin to keep it hydrated.
Sunflower oil: A natural emollient that improves the skin’s capacity to retain moisture.
Shea Butter: Moisturizes the skin and helps protect its natural moisture.
Wheat Germ Oil: High in Vitamin E.
Cocoa Butter: High in fatty acids.
Sweet Almond Oil: Makes the skin look smoother and softer.
Avocado Oil: Promotes soft, youthful skin. Good for dry skin.
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: Helps treat dryness, wrinkles and skin irritations caused by Vata and Pitta imbalances.
Vetiver Oil: Pacifies Vata imbalances. Relaxes and calms the mind.
Cinnamon Oil: Warming and soothing scent that stimulates positive emotions.


Doshas are the name of the dynamic life energies that shape our body and personality type - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - with usually one, or sometimes two doshas, being predominant. The unique composition of these doshas changes in response to what we eat, feel, smell and other sensory influences. By being aware of our dosha type and of how we treat our body, we can make the right choices to balance these energies, feel calmer and more harmonious, which contributes to stress-free, beautiful skin.