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Use AYU as aromatherapy every time you wash your hands. The herbs and aromatic oils of the AYU products are carefully selected to both care for and to balance your body and mind. Kapha hand care products back you up, when on a quest for vitality, motivation and a new energized approach to everyday-life.


- Kapha liquid soap 
- Kapha hand cream small 

- AYU Marble Tray 3x10x25 

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Glycerine: A humectant that locks moisture in skin to keep it hydrated.
Ashwagandha: Has strengthening, clarifying and rejuvenating properties. Particularly good for pacifying Vata.
Amla: Has a hydrating effect.
Brahmi: Deeply moisturizes and balances dry and delicate Vata skin.
Lavender Essential Oil: Soothing and cooling energy that is excellent for pacifying Vata.
Cinnamon Essential Oil: Leaves the skin fragrant, soft and moisturized.


Doshas are the name of the dynamic life energies that shape our body and personality type - Vata, Pitta and Kapha - with usually one, or sometimes two doshas, being predominant. The unique composition of these doshas changes in response to what we eat, feel, smell and other sensory influences. By being aware of our dosha type and of how we treat our body, we can make the right choices to balance these energies, feel calmer and more harmonious, which contributes to stress-free, beautiful skin.