Kapha – Water and Earth
Energy of building and lubrication

Physical traits
Normal to oily hair – thick and shiny
Thick, pale lips
Large frame – hard to lose weight
Heavy sleeper
Smooth or oily skin with large pores

Personality traits
Easy-going and accepting
Patient, loyal and supportive
Slow and calm
Enjoys routine


Pitta – Fire and Water
Energy of digestion and metabolism

Physical traits
Medium build and strength
Intense hunger and thirst; strong digestion
Fair skin, often freckled, with light or red hair
Normal to fine hair, can grey prematurely
Good sleeper
Personality traits
Tendency to become angry or irritable under stress
Driven, likes challenges, enterprising
Sharp intellect and memory
Precise, articulate speech


Vata – Space and Air
Energy of movement – governing all biological activity

Physical traits
Light, thin build – difficult to gain weight
Active and walks quickly
Light sleeper and tires easily
Thin hair and lips. 
Thin skin, fine pores – can be prone to wrinkles

Personality traits
Excitable, nervous, changeable
Quick to learn new information, but forgetful
Enthusiastic, creative, imaginative
Good communicator