AYU Hot-Water Bottle

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AYU Hot-water Bottle is ideal for relaxing and recharging. For when your hands and feet are cold, when your stomach aches or when your muscles are sore.


Do not use boiling water. Instead, let the water cool for a minute before pouring it into the bottle. Fill the bottle two thirds of the way up and gently squeeze the remaining air out of the bottle. Screw the lid on and then turn the hot-water bottle upside down to check if it is properly closed off.


Do not sit on the hot-water bottle.


AYU Hot-water Bottle has a removable cover made from 100% silk, which can be washed by hand at 30 degrees.


The bottle itself is made from 100% rubber.   

Delivery times are 3–5 days.

Delivery: EUR 7

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